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Triptych in a Minor Key, Dark Blue, Dean/Carter/Jaimie, R

Title: Triptych in a Minor Key
Author: taylor_serenil 
Spoilers: Assume all of both seasons are fair game.
Summary: Three different takes on the same situation.
Length: ~9 K
Rating: R.
Disclaimer: Not mine. All for fun, not for money.

Quick notes/warnings: Dean/Carter/Jaimie UST. Canon het. Mild fantasized kink. Fairly angsty. dime_for_12 used her beta powers of awesomeness to make this much better than I would have done solo, so much love goes to her as always. I am cracked-out on fanfiction.net, so if you see this there it's not plagarized.

Triptych in a Minor KeyCollapse )
Tags: dark blue, dean bendis/carter shaw/jaimie allen, fic, hard r, het, slash

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