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Snippets (various relationships, not worksafe, Dark Blue & Dark Blue/SPN crossover)

I haven't managed to write anything longer than a few paragraphs for a while, but I thought y'all might appreciate seeing what I have managed to write. Completely unbetaed, and quite rough as a result.

1. Sex pollen, Dark Blue style.

Ty calls Carter. "We got a medical emergency--get everybody to your place ASAP. Dean got completely doused in that new roofie alternative, and right now he's cuffed up and moaning like a cat in heat."

Dean just barely hears Ty's voice through the waves of need battering him. He's honestly worried with the tiny fragment of brain that isn't occupied by sex. NOW. He's also grateful Ty realized what was wrong fast enough to get him washed off as much as possible and cuffed. He may be with his team, but there's a big difference between consensual sex between people in something approximating their right minds and what he's scared he'd do right now. He doesn't care what they do to him, though--he trusts them to take care of him, even in this situation.

Ty practically throws him in his car. Dean's honest enough with himself to know that display of strength and dominance probably would have turned him on normally--right now it makes him bury his face in Ty's lap and try to pull his zipper down with his teeth. Ty just laughs, shoves him off, unzips Dean's pants, and starts jacking him off roughly. Dean comes almost instantly, and the pressure lets up a little. "That enough to get you to Carter's, or am I gonna be fucking you in the back seat like it was prom night?"

"No promises, so drive it like you stole it."

Ty takes him at his word. They don't actually fuck on the way over, but Ty does end up holding Dean down for long enough to get his lips around Dean's dick and suck him off at a fortunately placed scenic overlook.

Carter must have been listening for the distinctive purr of Ty's muscle car, because as soon as they pull into the drive, he opens the front door. Dean can see Jaimie and Alex behind him, both barely dressed.



2. Chameleon-verse outtake. Carter musing about his feelings for Dean.

Carter's thought about this plenty of times. Way more times than he's ever thought about taking a guy to bed before he met Dean. He's not even sure what drew him to Dean so strongly--yeah, Dean's hot, but this is LA where even waiters look like movie stars. He thinks it may have been the emotional damage he sensed in Dean almost as soon as they met, and he's well aware that makes him at least as fucked-up as Dean. He knows damn well he can't fix Dean's damage, but he really wants to try, especially now that he knows a little about why that damage is there.

He's barely on speaking terms with his family, but he still can't imagine what it must have felt like to be disowned the way Dean was. He thanks a God he's not even sure he believes in that Gianna stepped up for him--is still stepping up for him, given her delivering threats on Dean's behalf when she found out he'd offered Dean Amnesty. And even offering him a listening ear, just because he's important to Dean.

He wants to be important to Dean in physical ways that scared him at first.



3. Dean and Carter, reinforcing their bonds. Inspired by spikedluv's smallfandomfest prompt they're both a little possessive.

Carter never fucks Dean the night before he's scheduled to go under, but since they got together Dean's never gone under without a mark of some kind underneath his clothes. And there's only been a few assignments that Carter didn't fuck the shit out of him as soon as possible after he got back, and those were the ones where Dean was too physically messed up to be able to take it. Even those times, Carter made sure he touched Dean intimately enough to remind Dean who he belongs to.

As for Dean, he's put more than his fair share of marks on Carter. Including licking Carter's forearm tat every time it's Carter's turn to be somebody else. He really wants Carter to get another tattoo--something Dean picked out. Nothing obvious--no names or initials to tempt the tattoo gods, and nowhere that's going to show on a regular basis. Just something to serve as a physical reminder of who Carter's coming home to. And if Carter wanted it, he'd gladly get one of his own.



4. Dean Winchester, on more than friendly terms with a cop for once.

Dean never thought it'd happen like this. After Hell and especially after Lisa, he never thought it'd happen period, that he'd actually have something vaguely resembling a relationship with anyone. And he sure as hell never thought that anyone was going to be a cop--and a guy.


The first time he met Dean Bendis was a complete case of what the FUCK? Even for a guy who's been pulled out of hell by an angel, seeing someone with wings is just wrong. And having Bobby tell him, "Touch them, Dean. We can't without it hurting like hell, and the only way any of us know to get them to go away is sex with somebody who can touch" only made the situation more messed up.

And that's saying something, considering Castiel's been around for God knows how long, Crowley's role as King of Hell means he has access to information mere mortals only dream of, and Bobby's the best researcher Dean knows. He thinks the dark-haired man who brought the other Dean here probably knows more than the average bear, too. If for no other reason than he knew who to come to when one of his own needed their kind of help. Dean's surprised that Carter can't touch, actually--their vibe doesn't scream together or anything, but it's fairly obvious there's something there.

Dean has no idea what to expect when he tries to touch the other Dean's wings, but given that if this does work they're going to be having sex, he figures doing this in private is probably a good idea. The wings make for a tight fit in Bobby's panic room, but the warding's worth it in his opinion.

He makes sure he grabs some condoms and lube. Just in case this is the kind of curse that only fucking will break. He feels a little uneasy as he reaches to stroke a feather. Dean loves sex, but he likes everybody involved to give enthusiastic consent--gets off on it, really. And curse-breaking sex shades that consent line more than he likes.

That first touch--Dean gets hard so fast he can't believe it. And as he continues to stroke amazingly soft feathers, he doesn't even have to look to know the contact's hitting the other Dean the same way. He can feel it, doubled sensations rushing through his body. He's seriously wondering if he can get Dean off just touching his wings. Even if that might not be enough to qualify as sex, it'd definitely be fun for both of them.


No pretty NC-17 details yet, but the thought is DeanW does get DeanB off with just the wing contact and DeanB returns the favor with one of the best handjobs DeanW's ever had. However, DeanB's still got wings. So apparently it is a curse requiring full-on fucking, not just mutual orgasms. DeanW's wondering for a long moment who's going to top before DeanB tells him put your hands on my wings while you're doing it and you can fuck me. DeanW normally would spend more time on the prep job than he does, but the shared sensations are playing havoc with his control--he wants to deliver a good fuck, not an 8 seconds and it's all over one.

And since I've wanted DeanB/DeanW with something approximating a relationship since writing What You Give is What You Need and discussing For the Simple Need with dime_for_12, it's only a temporary cure. So DeanW gets in the habit of swinging through LA every couple of months to take care of matters, and what started as a practical arrangement grows into more. How much more, DeanW doesn't realize until Sam teases the hell out of him for turning down a Christina Hendricks look-alike waitress and he realizes it's because saying yes would feel too much like cheating for his comfort.

(Also, Carter can't touch because this 'verse he managed to reconcile with Nicole and apparently the magic's picking up on that).

Tags: chameleon-verse, crossover, dark blue, dean bendis/carter shaw, dean bendis/dean winchester, dean/carter/jaimie/ty/alex, fic, hard r, het, slash, supernatural

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