Taylor (taylor_serenil) wrote,

Dean/Carter rec, mobsters seal a deal with a kiss, and fic request--yes, it's a grab bag day, flist!

Since I have been utterly blocked lately, have a Dean/Carter rec from someone who is definitely not me. Also a pic of two hot Camorra mobsters kissing to seal the deal of omerta, a fic request for Mafia slash of whatever variety, and babbling about the DB Mafia OT4 AU I'd like to write someday.

Free Fall by LittleDarkling on the Archive of Our Own.

Angsty, really hot sex, vague D/s vibes imo. Y'all know I tend to go the "yeah, they're messed up, but in ways that complement each other and make the two of them together more functional than they'd be on their own." Sie took that damage and spun it the other way, where they're slowly getting more broken, both from the job and what they do together off the job.

Have some real-life Italian mobsters kissing to seal a deal

That pic made me want Mafia slash. So please, if any of you know any good Mafia AUs or even non-AU like Boardwalk Empire fic, I'd love links.

It might even inspire me to write the Mafia AU that's floating in the back of my head, where Carter's the head of a designer drug/high-end strip club and escort service/gunrunning crew; Jaimie's his best hitter, public moll, and private girlfriend; Dean's his bodyguard/second-in-command in public and his and Jaimie's lover in private; and Ty got kicked out of LAPD because his corrupt boss killed Melissa with a car bomb meant for Ty and planted enough evidence that Ty did it to also blackball him from a legit security job. Christina Hendricks is their best chemist and Jaimie's friend with benefits (they let Dean and Carter watch sometimes, and sometimes watch in return, so the guys are pretty much okay with that). Who filed a sexual harassment suit when she worked in R & D for one of the pharmaceutical giants, lost, and also couldn't get legitimate work afterwards to pay enough to keep her genius-level little sister in the kind of school that she'd actually learn something in.

Ty gets in to Carter's crew metaphorically kicking and screaming--the last thing he ever expected to be doing was working on the other side of the street for real, not just cover. And at some point, he's going to walk in on a Carter/Dean/Jaimie intimate moment. To which Dean pulls a gun from under one pillow, Jaimie grabs a knife, and Carter just smirks and invites him in. (He doesn't accept then but does eventually, after much freaking out including them becoming the hottest jack-off material he's ever known). So yeah, OT4 ensues eventually.
Tags: dark blue, dean bendis/carter shaw/jaimie allen/ty , jaimie allen/christina hendricks, recs

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