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Knowledge, Dark Blue, Dean/Carter (one-sided UST), mature

This is the original start to Claim, and ended up on the discard pile because dime_for_12's opinion was "very good Carter POV, but it doesn't integrate well into the full porny version".  It might actually be closer to the original bunny ([info]spikedluv's "Carter's tired of sharing" prompt at [info]rounds_of_kink a few rounds back) than Claim ended up being. Since I forgot about this one during my little snippet roundup, have some Carter/Dean one-sided (well, as far as Carter knows, anyway) UST as a holiday season present :). Mentions of past Carter/Nicole, Dean/Jaimie, and Dean with unnamed characters of both female and male genders. Fairly angsty.

KnowledgeCollapse )
Tags: dark blue, dean bendis/carter shaw, fic, het, slash, soft r

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