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Knowledge, Dark Blue, Dean/Carter (one-sided UST), mature

This is the original start to Claim, and ended up on the discard pile because dime_for_12's opinion was "very good Carter POV, but it doesn't integrate well into the full porny version".  It might actually be closer to the original bunny ([info]spikedluv's "Carter's tired of sharing" prompt at [info]rounds_of_kink a few rounds back) than Claim ended up being. Since I forgot about this one during my little snippet roundup, have some Carter/Dean one-sided (well, as far as Carter knows, anyway) UST as a holiday season present :). Mentions of past Carter/Nicole, Dean/Jaimie, and Dean with unnamed characters of both female and male genders. Fairly angsty.

Carter's tired of it. Tired of Dean coming in smelling of a different perfume every day, frequently in the same clothes as the day before. Really tired of the few times he's smelled a cologne that definitely isn't his on Dean.

And his little fling with Jaimie was pretty much the last straw. If Dean's going to potentially fuck up their team by fucking another member, Carter wants it to be him. Wants it bad enough that it scares him a little.

Because he knows himself. Knows that he wants to own Dean in ways he's never felt before. He didn't feel this need with Nicole. The possessive side of his nature was satisfied every time he looked at her hand and saw his ring there. That isn't an option with Dean for a lot of reasons, so he wants to leave his mark on him in other ways. He's never seen Dean visibly marked up, but he wants to mark up Dean so that everyone can see he's taken.

Carter knows he has a hard time letting go. It was why he held off on giving Nicole the divorce she wanted even after Steven, it's why he still talks to Nicole and Anna, hell, it's why he still sees Anna's kids when he gets the chance. And if he ever gets Dean into his bed, he's never letting go.

Tags: dark blue, dean bendis/carter shaw, fic, het, slash, soft r

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